Friday, September 24, 2010

Chris & Nick - The Videos

Here are the a few of the videos that were referenced on last night's interview with Chris on The Daily Purge. (go download it now!) :


Stevie B said...

Awesome podcast. I laughed, I cried. Great job!

Anonymous said...

What a great love story. And... the podcast was beautifully produced. Thanks John!

Anonymous said...

Thank you John (and Chris) for sharing their love story with us. It melted my heart to hear the way they came together and managed to overcome the inevitable trials that relationships face. I checked out many of their youtube videos which were also great fun. Thanks again John for putting in the hours to put together this quality product for all of these years.

Neka said...

Lovely show John. I went to bed smiling after listening to it.

Juan Pablo Badino said...

Very Nice!!

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