Friday, November 21, 2008

iPhone 2.2 let's you get The Purge on the go!

Exciting news iPhone Podcast listeners! The iPhone 2.2 software is available for download and it includes (among many other cool things) the ability to download podcasts directly to your phone from the mobile iTunes Music Store! This is great for when you forget to update the new episode and you have already left for work. YAY!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Lil' O'Reilly"

This kid is crackin' me up! I'm sure you are like, "Oh JMH, you are SO 5 minutes ago, we've seen this already... why don't you just show us that reporter stomping the grapes???"... fine, I will.

and Family Guy's take on it...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Shows - Mark Yo Calendar

Foiled Again Wish List

This year there are 2 exciting dates and venues to catch Foiled Again at.

Monday December 15th
Holiday Musical Revue to benefit Wilmette Theatre Education Project
7:30 PM - Doors Open at 7:00 PM
Evanston SPACE
(Enter Through Union Pizzeria)
1245 Chicago Ave
Evanston, IL 60202
Tickets are $30.00 for information and reservations call 847.251.1197

Monday December 22
Wish List
8:00 PM
1383 N Milwaukee
Chicago, IL
$15 cover + 2 drinks
Foiled Again's annual holiday show returns to Davenport's for the 8th year!

"If there is a group performing tighter, more intricate harmonies, I haven't heard them" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Just wait until you hear this vocal trio harmonize – you won't be disappointed. . . .Give this trio a piano, three microphones and a good songbook and there isn't any tune it can't conquer. DON'T MISS" – TimeOut Chicago

"As solo artists these young vocalists are entertaining, yet remarkably different. It is, however in the trio numbers where this group especially shines . . . the clean close harmonies recall the Andrews Sisters, but sexier" – Cabaret Hotline

"sometimes raucously funny, sometimes warmly tender, and sometimes sizzling" – "One of the finest vocal collaborations in this city" - Gay Chicago

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's My Damn Birthday!

I didn't do an amazon wishlist this year, but thanks for all the requests for one :)
This year for my birthday, I would like you to go out of your way to tell someone how good they look today... maybe it's their hot new shoes or new hair cut... maybe they are trying a new look that you're diggin' or maybe they just need someone to say something nice to them... well, as a gift to me on my birthday... do it. Because we are all beautiful people and it's always nice to hear it from someone else.

Have fun on my birthday! xoxo

P.S.- this pic is my 2nd birthday... (27 years ago) note the brown carpet and the print couch... ouch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is a very beautiful sentiment...

I watch Keith Olbermann a lot, I'm not going to lie. I realize that he preaches to a choir, but I love his passion. Some of his rants are a little extreme, even to me. This one however, is really amazing. To hear these words coming from a "guy's guy" who at one time hosted Sports Center is just... well... awesome.

For those of you still out on the streets of California protesting Prop 8... keep going.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween Vidjo

Once again - as the vidjo progresses I get a lil more tipsy. We were giggling watching this tonight watching how hard my jaw was working to over-annuciate. Train wreck.

Celeb sightings: Annie, Adam Ant, Mr. T, Clay Aiken, TheOtherO, Miss Foozie, Richard Simmons, Beetlejuice, and George Michael.

"Oh, Honey..."

<3 AC

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Can't Wait. . .

For Oprah tomorrow.

And Change.

It was an exciting night in Chicago! Tune into The Daily Purge for Chicago election stories - including Wanda Wisdom's Frock The Vote! And Anniversary night for the Lindleys - and maybe Grant Park stories from JMH and other Chicago friends.

Raise a glass for change

And California listeners we're still sending prayers and good vibes to you for Prop 8.

DO IT!!!