Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rob on Radio Allegro

Hey kids

The fantastic Ashley over at Radio Allegro invited me back to his show for our 2nd Annual (can something be annual if its only happened twice?) Holiday show.

We chat about the last year and our favs of the year

And he squeezes one of my favorite drink recipes out of me.

Click here to listen or better yet - hoist it on over to iTurds Music Store and subscribe to

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jake Shears Meets Dolly

How cute are these clips of Jake from Scissor Sisters with Dolly Parton!?
Make me wanna hug both of 'em

According to their MySpace bulliten: Earlier this year Jake fulfilled a life-long ambition when he met his heroine Dolly Parton.

British fans can watch the results of the meeting this Christmas when T4 airs a 'When Jake Met Dolly' special.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For when you have given up on life...

You know those SkyMall magazines that are in planes? My friend Katie just sent this to me...All that is missing from this outfit is a tub of cookie dough and a retarded kid named Arnie.

Here is the product description:
Stay cozy and keep your hands free!
Here's the best blanket - hands down - for snuggling up with a book or laptop computer. Put your arms in the 13" -wide sleeves and then turn pages, type, knit or do anything else with your hands without uncovering your body. The generously sized Slanket in midweight polyester fleece feels great and keeps you warm indoors or out. Machine wash and dry. 60" W x 95" L. Available in six colors.

You too can look like an elephant... Buy it here!

This really is quite something... bravo SkyMall... bravo.


Thanks to a tip from our dear listener Josh (from Boston) I subscribed to and sure enough I got a text message about a minute ago saying that Amazon had some in stock. so I placed my order. Two minutes later... no more wii. Josh, I could just kiss you on your mouth!


Friday, December 14, 2007


For some bullshit reason, our old listener line when dead. SO, here is the new one folks.

The NEW Daily Purge Listener Line:
(206) 338-2430

I Saw Sweeney Todd Tonight


I won't give much away - promise.

But I had a great time tonight at an advanced screening of SWEENEY TODD.

As we've said many times on the show JMH and I met in the ensemble of this show when Porchlight Music Theatre did it here in Chicago 3 years ago, so I know this score/play inside out - but I was ready to have a good time - and I totally did.

Visually its un-REAL! So amazing. And the visuals and the orchestra will give you chills.

I liked Johnny Depp. I liked Helena Bonham Cuckoo too. But a singer she ain't - if you're a purist who wants an Angela or a Patti - stay home. Her acting was great though.

Alan Rickman was great - the Beedle was AMAZING. Sasha Baron Cohen was great - his package is unreal
I like Anthony (although he looked more like Toni Colette) and Johanna - but my fav in the whole show was Toby. Holy crap he was good.

Purists and jealous female singers are probably not going to like this. And I even wondered if the average Joe who's never seen the show will, but fans of the show who would go see it anywhere and anyone who loves blood - and I mean LOTS and LOTS of blood will like it.

I loved it. Very fun evening.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poor Man's Christmas

This year, because I have no money for gifts, I decided to make my grown up version of a macaroni necklace and record a Christmas CD and by “record a Christmas CD” I mean, Karaoke my brains out and press record. But I do it up right with a CD cover and everything…

Ham Hanukkah

How much do we love this!

Everyone loves a Hanukkah HAM!

Special thanks to the fatties over at The Little Fatty Cast for letting me steal - I mean borrow this picture.

Happy Hanukkah to all of our Jewballs listeners. We had a great one at my house. Tonight we light the menorah for the last night - and then its time to put up the big silver tree!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I was there... (jealous?) BUY THIS NOW!!!

No words...

You know what? and I mean this in all seriousness... I love gay people! I really, really do...

Shirley and I Both Got New Hats for Channukah

Ok - forgive the webcam sex lighting

but thank god for the iSight - and for Target

Doug bought Shirley and I both new hats for Channukah. Sweet hot oil and latkes. Mine is cute and practical. Shirley's is an elephant costume. It literally make me wheezey Jefferson. I FUCKING LOVE CATS IN COSTUMES.

I'm just saying.


This Just In: Amy Winehouse still Crazy As a Shit-House Rat

Not to be out-done by Shitney. Amy Winehouse gets completely cracked-out and wanders around at 5:40 AM in her bra, jeans, and flip-flops.

Well done Amy