Friday, September 29, 2006

Ricki Lake Banned from Hairspray Set

Reportedly, Ricki Lake (above) has been bringing her own director's chair that reads "the real Tracy" to the set of the upcoming movie "Hairspray"

Officals have repeatedly escorted her off the set saying, "Look at yourself - you're just too old for the part now - please get a grip. No, not a Key Grip."

The budget for craft services has sky-rocketed.

The 1st Annual "I Don't Miss Britney" Conference

Although the turnout was slim. . .

Well, so were the attendees.

Do you miss Miss Britney? Yeah, not so much. . .

Lindsay Lo-Lo Breaks Wrist While Jacking Her Beau's Huge Package

Many might say there's tons to comment on in this tragic pic of Lo-Lo. But my laser sharp eyes went to one thing and one thing alone.


I wanna ride please.

More on Fall TV

So i love "Brothers and Sisters" - love it.

And last night watched 2 episodes of "Six Degrees"

to quote my friends Bil and Brad when we see someone stumbling to their car at 3am, "We got a hottie"

Jay Hernandez! yummers.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Little Richard on Celebrity Duets

And this is only from one show.

He's out of control.

This other clip is a genius edit from the people at the Daily Show

Jai and Patti work it OUT

Sadly this was the performace right before Jai was eleminated.

But I have to say how much I love Miss Patti in this - OVER THE TOP. We love that.

Doug particularly loved the part when Patti started making up her own lyrics - the ending is supreme.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

more of AC

I love the youTubes

I'd like to Nip/Tuck Mario in the Butt

Yum. yum. yum.

I just started watching this show and I'm so glad I finally watched last week's episode.

Mario Lopez - AMAZING - these pics don't come close to doing him justice - there was this amazing close up of his abs that made me want to lick him from head to toe. Was his acting any good? not so much. Did i care? Not so much.

I hope this is not the last we see of him.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Keep an eye out for this. . . .


Yes - Sandy Duncan is Mame Dennis.
at the Barrington Stage Company


Makes me want to have some wheat thins real bad.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Whitney, We Need You To Look Your Best Tonight

and this was as good as she could clean up nowadays. . . .

Note that she now looks older than Auntie Dionne. A couple more years of crack pipe and she'll look older than Clive Davis.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Spaghetti Squash?! When Did I Have Spaghetti Squash?

It's not very often that someone goes to a Farmer's Market and thinks of The Daily Purge.

Thanks Eric for snappin' this shot at an NYC Farmer's Market.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Xtina, I love you

What do you think the people behind her are saying/thinking.

I love the lady on the phone - who is she calling? What is she saying?

And the little boy looks dumb-founded

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Freakshow, Party of Five? Your Spaceship is Now Ready

Good lord. How much do i love Donatella?!?! She's just insane looking.

So for those taking attendance, we have Elton John's lover, Tom Cruise's ex-wife, Dona-"GET OUT"-tella, Keith "15 Mins of Fame" Urban, and Allegra "I was named after pills" Versace.

Ring the Alarm BITCHES


and I love a bidet and B'day

"Ring The Alarm" - so good

Tyne Daly Takes Her Daughter to Home Depot

would it be POSHable for me to just watch?

The Purge Boys get DEEP

So have you ever wondered how the boys came out? Why they got into theatre and singing? If they could be any sort of tree what would it be?

Well, check out The Ramble Redhead Podcast for the next three episodes and you'll get a little more in depth with JMichael and Rob. Rob had diarrhea of the mouth so his episode took 2 parts. Shocker. Two in the pink, one in the stink - also a shocker.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

David from Design Star

this pic doesn't even do him justice

you can prolly Tivo old episodes of it - or at least watch clips on HGTV

i'm in love

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thanks for making us 'What's Hot'!

Because of you great listeners, The Daily Purge is listed amongst the "What's Hot" section on the Main Podcast Page (oh no, not just the comedy page) in the new iTunes Music Store...
you hot bitches.

Thank you!

No words

Purge Listener Party This Sunday!

Your chance to meet the Purge boys face to face!
Rumor has it even Baby Jon is gonna be there
and maybe some boyz from PNS
Sun, Sept 17 @ 7pm
Davenport's Piano Bar + Cabaret
1383 n Milwaukee Ave
in Chicago's Wicker Park Area

$15 cover + 2 drink Min
thankfully, no drink max

Make reservations for the Foiled Again show
and if you're hard up for cash ask for "The Purge 2 for 1"
only folks who make reservations can get the bugetary seats
Starring Rob Lindley, and loyal listeners Allison Bazarko and Anne Sheridan Smith
with Special Guests Gavin Kirk and Beckie Menzie

Foiled Again is callin this show "The Essentials" - "it's our favorite stuff to sing - and stuff we think best describes who we are" think of it as an mix tape - or iMix from Foiled Again. Songs from Nickel Creek, Uncle Bonsai, Jane Siberry, Susan Werner, Harold Arlen, Dusty Springfield, kd Lang, Carole King, Cy Coleman - and of course Miss Joni Mitchell.

Fun music - tasty martunis - and we'll hang out afterward in the piano bar and sing showtunes with JMH and Robbie

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Purge Quiz

It's time for the first annual Purge Quiz, brought to you by the good folks at TLA Video.

It's really easy to play.

Answer the following questions (all of the answers are available on iTunes in past episodes) then send your answers to There will be two winners: one from the Chicago area, and one for our out of town listeners.

If more than one perfect-answer e-mail reaches us, the winner will be the one with the earliest time stamp on it. So hurry and do it now!

We will stop taking answers at 5pm CST on Thursday, Sept 14 and announce the winner on the Floating Chunk next week.

If you win the Purge Quiz challenge we will e-mail you and get your info to send you your prizes.

What do you win?

Chicago winner will win the DVD of "Say Uncle" and Two Passes to see "Another Gay Movie" starring our wonderful guest star Michael Carbonaro.

Non-Chicago winner will win the DVD of "Adam & Steve"

Ok, here's the quiz:

Where are the boys from?

What are the boys’ day job?

What is the name of the mailroom guy at Rob’s office?

What was the name of the boy that gave JMH a valentine that read, “I love you John”?

Which one of the Cafe Press items did Rob suggest to be created?

What’s JMH’s favorite food?

What was the name of the annual competition JMH would hold with The Lost Boys?

Who did Rob’s friends see in the bathroom of Touche during IML weekend in Chicago?

Name JMH’s three childhood friends.

What color were the “Emergency Pants”?


There have been many live co-hosts with “The Purge.” Name as many of them as you can.

Thanks again TLA Video for sponsoring this event!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's getting closer

The Marquee is up.

Now I just need to order tickets and start walking.

Is this what we've been waiting for?


I'm afraid there might be some cross-pollenating posting going on - that's the dangers of 2 bloggers being friends I guess - but I'll get the ball rolling here. Patrick from PNS (Boomtacular) and I have been going back and forth with different headlines for this one.

Feel free to add your's to the mix

The best I could come up with was "The Suri with the Merken on Top"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Paris Sells her Lady Scent

In another brilliant marketing coup, Paris Hilton launched "Silent but Deadly"

In this rare photo it would seem that for just a single dollar bill Paris was grace you with one of her lady farts. Hilton (seen here crop-dusting a NYC crowd) seems to be on top of the world.

now, what does THAT smell like?