Monday, July 31, 2006

Today's Checklist

A) Buy a George Michael Wig

B) Get completely wasted

C) Go to a cruisey part of a London park

D) Find a hideous 58 yo man to fondle and mutally statisfy.

Seriously George? Pull it together. Next you'll be making like Mel Gibson and getting wasted and yelling about the Jews.

Bend Me Over Beckham


How F-ing hot is David Beckham.

Sometimes I forget how hot - and then I see a pic like this one.

He reminds me of someone in that pic. . . I'm trying to think who it might be. . . .

Maybe I should get some tats.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wax Pitt-Jolie

Little Shiloh has already been made a wax figure at Madame Toussant's.

Extra security has been added as Katie and Tom have been spotted near the wax musuem trying to pass the wax figure off as their own baby, gently calling it "Suri"

Daddy Must Be So Proud

Nicole has had it with Paris getting all the attention as a vocalist.
She put on some young boy's underoos and belted out some tunes at an LA kareoke bar.
Papa Richie must be beaming.

Do you think she sang "Hello"?

What song is she singing in this pic?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

So enough "DUH"s. How About a "WTF?!"

So Lance Bass is out.

Duh. How about a loud "What the FUCK?!"

'cause his BF is Reichen. You might remember him from The Amazing Race.

Seriously? Come on. Some ugly fags have all the luck.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Living it Up - LIVE!

That's right babies.

Tomorrow night! Ravinia. Patti and Me.

I'm also taking 2 of the loudest singers I know with me.

So I plan on losing all hearing and bodily fluids should they choose to sing along to "Lady Marmalade"

Monday, July 24, 2006

Let the Games Close


That's was exciting.

Seriously - Chicago has been off the hiz-ook for over a week. I'm ready (and so is my liver) for things to calm down, for the lines to all my bars go away, and return to normal just long enough for us to rest up for Market Days.

So - wait for a new installment of Uncle Robbie's Sports Corner with full details on the closing ceremonies, but I wanted to go ahead and blog these pics. Lots of things were great. Betty singing the national anthem, Eric Himan, James and DeMarco, Sharon McNight, The DC Cowboys, and Chicago own ROTC drill squad.

Then silence.

Suddenly the crowd notices a chap dressed as Abe Lincoln on the Center Field Stage at Wrigley Field. And he starts playing the violin. I knew right away it was the opening strains of "True Colors"

Out of the visitor's dugout - in a rainbow-striped evening gown - looking like a pride version of Lady Liberty - comes Miss Cyndi Lauper. And starts up the song.

It was absolutely amazing and a highlight of my life.

She was amazing.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Faye Today, Hag Tomorrow

How is this the same person?

What Happened?

Goodbye... hotness

Last night we said goodbye to Dmitry... All I'm saying is that Ryan has a golden horseshoe up his ass.
Thanks Bryan for the pic...

And I Miss This Person

Even though I never saw him or her. I miss them.

What song is this person dancing to?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Miss Ben... not alot, just a little.

As the best show ever "So You Think You Can Dance" is wrapping up. I think it's important that everyone remember the people that have already left the competition. Most noticeably, Ben... our little Carol Burnett. Here is a video that reminds us all how much we miss him.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

These kids had the same reaction to Sue that I did... Love HER!

Can We Start a Petition?!

So a companion to Grey Gardens is playing in NYC this month.

What the H do we have to do to get it to Chicago?!

From the IFC Center website: A love letter to the fans of the original film, THE BEALES OF GREY GARDENS is drawn entirely from never-before-seen material from the Maysles archive. Edited from hours and hours of footage shot between 1973 and 1976, THE BEALES captures 'Big' Edie and 'Little' Edie at their resplendent, dazzling and exasperating best -- philosophizing on God, love and war amidst the disorder of their ramshackle East Hampton mansion, with a montage tribute to Little Edie's inimitable style as she models a succession of her showstopping outfits. In its unforgettable detail, this intimate and transfixing portrait of the Beales, now iconic figures since the release of GREY GARDENS some thirty years ago, brings us ever closer to the baroque mystery of their lives together.

I'm dying! DYING

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Coreys

Yesterday Corey Feldman turned 34...

and Corey Haim remained fat...
Which is a sad shame because he used to be really hot...
Which makes you wonder what happened... probably


Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Revolting

Happy Bastille Day bitches.

Drink some wine, order fries at lunch, listen to some Piaf - do something Frenchy

Hell do this Frenchie - whatever


For those of you that loved The Lost Boys stories, you will remember from part 4 the boy named Taylor that I still keep in contact with... anyway, he just sent me this picture of us at Redwood camp. In the top picture, we are Tie-Dying... and the bottom... "that's a lot of wieners." memories... sigh.
P.S. this is closer to what I will look like once I get closer to my goal weight of 100 lbs.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


"I like to STRETCH

And smoke!


I'm LINSAY LOHAN and I'm not 50!"

Regard her bf trying to not think about work as she nearly exposes her Pink Taco

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Robert's my "Best" bet

Tonight my favorite of all of the reality TVs - well maybe 2nd favorite - starts up. I watched the "Road to the Runway" and am even more excited about the people this year.

I've known of Robert Best for awhile because I think he went to high school with my girl Colleen McHugh. And we love him. We love Barbie - we love his work.

So while I am interested in watching all of the peoples - I am REALLY watching Robert. I have a feeling he's the one.

Can't wait to see it tonight!!!

Stay tuned for more ramblings about this show.

Follow up to 7/12 Purge

For the record:

Teresa Brewer? Alive.


Gay Christian Duo,
James and DeMarco?

Creepy. And alive. But I'd do the curly headed one.

And for those of you living in a cave - my sports prediction was wrong (shocker). Italy won the world cup.

Ms. Ross! You're Eyes Have Gone Kiwi


It would appear as if the Supreme Diana's eyes have been replaced with Kiwis.

What do you suppose the rest of her body parts have been replaced with?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Devil Wears Valentino

All I can say is: YES MA'AM

Martha will always be a fav - but holy crap look at her! She's fierce

June Allyson Dies at 88

What do you think her coffin smelled like?


Six Degrees THIS, BITCH!

Last night, during a lull in the conversation with my friend Todd, we started playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (both of us being movie buffs, it's usually a good time.) I couldn't help but pat myself on the back for this one.
In six or less degrees, (I did it in five) connect Maureen McCormick (TV's Marcia Brady) to Kevin Bacon.

(I'll put the answer in the comments, before you bitches use the interweb to look it up... cheaters.)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh this old thing?

I just threw these rags on to run a couple errands.

with a child

Maybe a bit overdressed for taking the wee-one to preschool - but Denise I applaud you. You look like complete trash - but I kinda love every bit of it.

Especially the one that makes you look a bit like Starfire from the Teen Titans

Joni makes my day

So here's the thing. . . .

Some thing always make me happy. And today? I had lunch, then onto the post-lunch Starbiatch

And what was playing? some Free Man in Paris.

Joni I love you - I love you so hard and you make me real happy.



Saw the Devil Wears Prada this weekend.

Highly enjoyable. If you are at all a fashion bug - or clothes horse - or just love some Patricia Field's wardrobing/costuming - you MUST see this film. There are literally just some runway type montages - Meryl coming in every few minutes with a new ensemble on - every few moments a new killer coat - and amazing bags. It was really amazing. As far as the fim - I liked it ok - but it's all about Meryl - she's AMAZING

and she appears to have the same hairstylist as another one of my weekend movie picks:

Now, I've been a die hard SWC fan and was excited at first when they announced the movie - and have been skeptical ever since. It was ok. It wasn't great. I didn't care for the "look" of the new movie - and lots of bits just got lost. But for a die hard fan - who just wants more and more Jerri - it was a good time.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Not quite sure what anyone is saying in this clip

but it makes me laugh hard

Pammy makes a Stinky

Rare photo of Pamela ripping one in on again/off again bf Chris Rocks face.

Now what do suppose that smells like?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Amazing Weekend

The longest weekend ever.

For so many many reasons.

Wedding in Iowa, huge backyard party at my place when I got home, and then up to see MARY J BLIGE!!

Perhaps one of the best live shows I've ever seen.

I have a new appreciation for her.

And I need some detox - stat.