Friday, June 30, 2006

Dancers are gay...

Here are some extremely gay shots from our favorite Dance Show!

Get out of my face with this...
Doesn't look like Benji is objecting too much to having Travis' crotch in his face... girrrl.

Thanks Bryan G. for sending these in... you know that's right!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Baby Jon's Grey Gardens Remix

I love this!

Baby Jon has got so good with the videos hurny.

Check out all of his stuff on YouTube

Did I mention that I'm obsessed with Grey Gardens? This remix has my favorite quote about another man taking care of Mrs Beale. So good.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bob Saget!

So last night I was at a party and my friend Phillip was explaining that he once worked at a home for special needs children and there was a little black girl who was blind and had a sort of tourettes. When she was really excited she would just yell "Amy Grant!"

My favorite ever

Randomly - I found this clip


Please note that I was trying to answer the phone at work when he falls of the chair and laughed. Really hard.

Bye Bye Star

She's called it quits.

I for one thank the good Lord.

Now that they are getting rid of some of the annoying women perhaps I'll watch the damn show

Her only statement was something to the tune of "I don't know what my future holds - but I know who holds my future."

Is she talking about Rosie?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Take that, you non-smoking fat-asses :)

Babes Having Babies

So - yeah - we all saw the interview, we've seen the pics - she's let herself go.

She's busy having babies.

I sumbit for you - the other side

I'm full tilt in love with her

and recently she said this about other pop stars who keep poppin out the kids:

"This is my child because I've been working so hard on it. Having twins! It's so exciting. Oh my God, I want a steak like crazy right now!"
– Christina Aguilera, equating her two-disc set, Back to Basics (due Aug. 15), with having babies, to Entertainment Weekly

I heart HARD that she said she wanted a steak like crazy.

Shrinking Woman

Nicole just keeps getting smaller. Those are actually regular-sized glasses, a mini-dress with a subtle print, and a normal gas pump.

What the hell gas pump is that? It's huge.

What do you think she was gassing up?

Thank You Cancer!

Now we can finally be together again!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Well, after a long time of going back and forth, I finally decided what to wear to the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. I believe it was a success.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Lorna Liza Explosion

This certainly counts as the gayest thing I did today.

What was your's?

All you need to know...

Our listener Bobby from Idaho sent this to me... aww.

UH OH!!!

Can't believe JMH hasn't already posted this. . . .


The Suessical Hair

We talked on the show last night about Mia Michaels hair, how we liked it long... and now really short, but wouldn't you know that on the SYTYCD website they put the worst picture of her... that's too bad because she really is beautiful.
This is a sad shame. Also, I found this old picture of Dan... much better hair then what's going on now.

But to save it all... we have Dmitry Chaplin, who not only got in a great cat fight last night, but was the hottest thing on two feet... "$%# on my tits..."

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Am I the only one that thinks that Ben Susak from "So You Think You Can Dance" looks exactly like Carol Burnett?

Takin' a dip..

If my niece were any cuter, I would vomit with joy.

What's the Caption?

So what are Kelli Osborne and Katt Moss talking about?

Give us your best caption:

I'm going with (Kelli to Kate), "So wait, lemme see if i've got this right. If I start doing buckets of blow instead of chicken I'll be rail thin like you?!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Color Orange: The Musical


Who knew these two had shown up at the Tonys in the same dress.

Sorry Gayle, but Alfre has you beat in the melons department.

How much do you love that they at least faced the inevitable and just posed for a pic together

Pictures of the Renaissance

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Connie Chung has lost it

Make sure you listen closely as she slides of the piano.

And make it all the way to the very end - she really knows how to the button of a song.

I think she should star in an Asian remake of the Fabulous Baker Boys.

EYE am back!!!

Hello All!

I'm back from New York and I am armed with some great stories. We are recording tonight so be sure to download our new show tomorrow.

Monday, June 19, 2006


According to the website it will be in chicago at the Landmark on July 7th.

I'm there.

With cake.

Cause they all want cake.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

How much would you pay?

So you've probably read that Babs is back. In the true style of any diva she is doing her 15th Farwell Tour - people are threatening to sue because they morgaged their homes to see her the last time.

So since I'm dating Jewy McFaggerstein. . . .

He axed for tickets to see Babs for his B-day. I thought. Well. That's fun. That'll be fun, right? I'm not a super fan. But I appreciate her. Now - keep in mind that his parents had offered to send us on a trip - like Greece, Italy, Hawaii - but when Mr. McFaggerstein heard that there were tickets on sale in Chicago he told Mamma - no trip please, just tickets for Babs.

How about $300?! a ticket - to be in the 3rd tier/balcony at the United Center. WTF? for $300 I want to be able to touch her nails.

He says to me "Well for $100 we could have sat behind her" - not unless I'm sitting behind her on a stool watching for panty lines on her Donna Karan explosion.

So stay tuned. The concert is in November. I'll be taking donations for binoculars for the boy for his B-day present.

And how gross is this oil painting?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Big Pussy

this is herbert

i used to cat-sit him when he still lived in evanston.

i heart him and miss him and can't believe that he's not half manatee

Come and Knock on Our Door

So this weekend Richard Kline will be introducing BABY WANTS CANDY at I.O.

For those of you who don't know - BABY WANTS CANDY is a kickass improv group I'm in. We get a suggestion from the audience for the title of a musical that's never been done before and then improv an hour-long show for them. Scenes, music, "dancin" all made up on the spot.

So Richard aka "Larry" will be there - and intro-ing the group and then I think later playing an improv set with us. Brought to you by Old Style Beer.

I'm pretty excited. I loved Three's Company - and always told people that I was related to Mrs. Roper.

The show is Friday night at 10:30 at I.O. Clark and Addison in Chicago

Come Check it out - check us out on My Space


Must stay awake - must make tummy biscuits

Coors Gone Gay

So Coors used to be one of those companies that gays are supposed to ban. Well look at 'em now.

I prolly won't drink the beer - but I will enjoy the ads

Please can we go?

So Renee Taylor and her hubbie have been doing these schlocky plays for ages now - and this is their latest offering. With F-ing Lainie Kazan! Holy balls.

It was written for Ms. Kazan - but orginal cast member (cause Lainie was not available) - how about Bea Arthur then Nanette Fabray (of TV's One Day at a Time among others).

Ah the future of Theatre

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Paul!

June 13, 1926

one of my heros for sure

It's also my dear friend Sandy's Birthday

Miss Thing: What to say about her. I want Baby Jon to do a documentary all about her. She was a pagent queen back in the day, runner-up for Miss Missouri and worked with me at Navy Pier as Gloria Bankston, a fictional character that was addicted to shopping on the Mag Mile. She was kind of the Karen Walker of Navy Pier. But Sandy is just kinda kooky like that anyway. Now she's a bartender at Trader Todd's. God I love her.

And the winner is. . . .

So 3 Dreamgirls clips today. . . .

i was in a mood.

this one wins - and is fabulous on so many levels. David LaChappel? Mary J Blige? Tamyra Gray?


White Dreamgirls?

I think Sally Struthers looks amazing

No Way I'm Living Without CHooo

Hell No

Little sadzies Miss Fields didn't pull a Tony out of her hat - but god she was good.

Love this pic of her.

I did however see the winner of Regis and Kelly - holy balls. Couldn't be funnier.

I can't wait wait to play the role - both of them.

Friday, June 09, 2006

You'll Need Oxygen

Do you miss AbFab? Upset that Project Runway isn't on? Wish they were a more trashy (oh yes it's possible) version of America's Next Top Model?

Search no further. On Oxygen we have Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency. I haven't been this excited for trash Tv since "Being Bobby Brown" - yes it's that good.

I only watched 30 mins last night - but there were more hot twinks with their shirts off than at a circuit party.

And then there's Janice - she is as if Eddie and Patsy had a cloned child, screaming things like "I've got two words for anyone with attitude in my office: OUT!" and "There's only one diva here and it ain't you triplettes!" and my favorite "you gotta drop trow if you are gonna work in Europe"

It's brilliant.

Set TiVos to stun.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Floating Chunk # 11

Hey kids, I just wanted to let you know that the next Floating Chunk will not be posted until the weekend. In the mean time, enjoy these floating chunks.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shakira Does Sondheim

Extremely rare footage of Shakira, Charo, and Chita Rivera in "Lado a Lado com Sondheim" or Side by Side by Sondheim.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tell me you don't like this show...

This is Blake from SYTYCD season 1, the guy that should have been in the finale of season one... I think he got screwed. Granted I'm glad that Nick won, but still... goddamn. Hotest think ever.

P.S. - His MySpace profile says he's straight... mmmhmmm... shoo.

Monday, June 05, 2006


I really can't wait.

I hope there's a book tour.

Set to be released in October.

What sort of things do you think she's put her in hospitality/entertaining book?

Set Your Tivos

I'm an obsessive person. When I find music I like I go nuts finding every recording - the last obsession was my Joni Mitchell freak out - which continues.

But Pink Martini is the latest.

This weekend they were on PBS here. Check you local listings.

It was amazing.

I love their CDs - but the interviews and "live" performances made me want to listen to them 24/7.

SOooooo good.

Here she is again...

me this weekend

I am completely horrified at the nothingness that was my weekend. Seriously, the amount of TV I watched is embarrassing. In saying that, the first two seasons of The West Wing are kick-ass!