Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Robbie Recommends

I love the Dr. Pepper Lip Balm. On the web they want to call it lip gloss and I say "no". It's from Bonnie Bell - it's for ages 5 & up - and for homos. It's all the things we love about lip balm, but it has just the slightest pink hue to it and tastes good. You'll be utterly kissable. Provided the guys you are after like you to taste like a 10 yr old girl.

You might think I'm kidding about this, but I seriously have some in every coat pocket, one in my desk, one in my bathroom, one in the pink and five in the stink. What?

Rosie O'Lindley

She actually does look a lot like my retarded sister.

Play at your own risk... this will get stuck in your head all day!

I can't handle this... it's been stuck in my head all damn day!

another great record cover

Doug and I found this one this weekend while we were shopping with my sister. It's perfect in everyway. I love me some Miss Peggy Lee. And this record is wonderful - plus - just LOOK at her

Now I get it...

Our listener Wes called in about the new portrait of president Clinton... and sorry to say, we didn't know what he was talking about, but now I get it... this one is just waiting to be mocked... what a weird pose.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


It's a Living indeed

One of our loyal listeners, Brian, sent me some info on "It's a Living" - a wonderful 80s sitcom I mentioned on the show, that Mr. Haas hadn't heard of.

You can actually go to and look up all kinds of stuff on the show. (Gail played "Dot" the kinda dingy one). You can even watch the opening credits.


Off by Just a Little

I was born in 1973 you idiots.

other than that? perfect

Monday, April 24, 2006

My first B-day present

My B-day is comin' up! And my sister was in town and this is the T-shirt she bought for me for my birthday.

Gotta love her.

My nephews (they're both 16) couldn't believe she was actually going to give it to me.

Well she did and I wore out last night.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My New Best Friend

What the hell... one more.

Jessica Simpson will do anything for another movie deal

...on my tits!

I know I'm heavy on the Jake today... but DAMN!


Could Lynda Carter be any hotter.

I F-ing love this picture

BUT... all is not lost.

Even though they maybe on the rocks... they can still share their water... aww.
I love the player and the game.

Trouble in Paradise

This is so sad...

It apprears the the happy couple might be having some problems. They don't look near as happy as they used to... maybe it's the beard... and by beard I mean actual beard, not Katie Holmes beard...

They used to be so happy... sigh

Baby Cruise meet Baby Blues

Isn't it just magic that Brooke Shields and TomKat's babies were born on the same day - in the same hospital?!

I love it. I wonder if he will make a statement about Brooke using Paxil.

I wonder if she will want to throw this baby up against the wall like she did her first.

I wonder.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Swassy ass

I'm I the only one that doesn't think it is cool to wear bunny ears around town when you have swass (sweaty ass) running down your leg... ew

Thank you

I just want to thank everyone that sent me their condolences this weekend. My grandma's funeral was lovely and I'm glad that I could be there. It's so nice to get so much support from our listeners. I love you guys.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Helen Cohn 1913-2006

Helen Cohn passed away. She is who we have to thank for all of Elvis' rhinestone creations. I love this pic of her.

Sidebar: her husband's name was Nudie

So sometimes when you go to Roscoe's on a Saturday night there is just someone with make-up on listening to Opera on his headphones. Love the rouge.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh No You Didint

So I was walking to meet my friend Patrick (the P of and I had to stop and take a picture of this.

Right outside the Belmost el station - a piece of someone's weave.

I wish I could have seen the whole fight.

Shout out to all our Peeps

Hey y'all. It's Maundy Mother F-ing Thursday.

And the first day of Passover - I missed the family sedar last night at the bf's mom and pop's - but their's matzo and brisket a go-go in the fridge.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Spring - no matter what you celebrate

and let you know that there will be no "Floating Chunk" for The Daily Purge this week

JMichael's Grandma passed away and he's in Iowa for the weekend.

In case you were wondering - all of his contact info is on if you wanted to send him a note.

We'll drop some new podcasts next week - we promise :)


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This says it all

Enough is Enough - Part Deux

Couldn't be better.

My living room has a 9 record album frame collage - all with fav divas.

Right now we have Leontype Price (the Bf's pick), Joni Mitchell (goddess), Liza, Judy, Julie London, Ethel Merman (see pic below), Tina Turner, Lena Horne, Babs (je m'apelle Barbra - so good).

We are plannin on adding the Donna/Babs combo platter soon - we love the photo.

I wish I could find online the Ethel's Ridin' High album cover - I got close - you can see it sorta in this picture from the re-release. The most important part is that she is on a carousel horse in heaven in the picture and she looks about 900 years old. Heaven will do that to you.

Enough is Enough

Will someone tell Jared Leto that enough is enough - gaining weight will not insure an Oscar.

New & F-able

Though we may have lost a few listeners in the move and though we may no longer be on the top 100...for now, (Polo Polo, you're mine bitch) we still managed to be seen as New & Notable... and on the front page too. So, who wants to F us now huh? get in line. ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ryan Cabrera and his cow.

As we Iowa boys know, there is no better accessory than a cow.

Could someone please point me to the ladies room?

Love it!

It's spring kiddos... love is in the air...


Speaking of stealing costumes...

It's sad really Nicole...

What the H

Gay Games 06

And my costume for this Summer's Gay Games.

Gooooooo Team!

Pride 2006

Who's ready for PRIDE 2006? This bitch stole my costume last year... that won't be happening again.

Not Wearing Underwear

This is our dear friend John, you know, the one who doesn't wear undies. Just think, he's not wearing underwear some place right now... and he's probably drinking coffee... two things that would not work well for me.

Spring Coat

I've been looking for a nice Spring coat for so long. It must have been divine intervention that brought me to the winner.

I bet that smells bad in the rain... hmm.